Watch me re-write my Uchiha series for a third time to make them the best they can be lmaooo.


الرواية تتحدث عن احداث تمر بها دولة كوريا الجنوبية من مشاكل اجتماعية واقتصادية و تحكم كبار الشخصيات في الدولة و السيطرة عليها بشكل فاسد و تقع ممرضة صغيرة في عمر الخامسة و العشرين ضحية أحد أولائك الناس في جريمة لم ترتكبها و تتوالى الأحداث و تكبر الأمور 
          رابطها : 

          دعم متبادل ..
          اتمنى ان تكونوا أحد أفراد مملكة ميرال ...


I finished The Forgotten Uchiha last night and, it was amazing! I never had cried over an fanfic unless it was funny ever. You do a great job at writing these. If you could get paid by writing these stories then you should be rich by now. I really enjoy your work and, wish to see you write more fantastic fanfics like The Forgotten Uchiha.


Need honest opinions here; I’m in the mood to rewrite my novels as I feel I have grown as a writer and can develop my stories and characters more.
          For my fan fiction series I want to rewrite “Forgotten Uchiha” and really delve into Hikari’s personality and how she grows as a kunoichi as well as providing more context to the lore I built around her and the other characters. I feel as if I’m starting to take my approach in “Forgotten Gaiden” (her spin off novel), as I am fleshing out her development and feel I could’ve done way more to her and the story in the original. 
          Would people be interested in that? 


I’d love to see a rewrite 


@Its_Beaumont I would! Its one of my all time favorites on the site!


Your story , Tortured Uchiha, was amazing. It was so well written and it was completely different from all the normal clichés I see in fanfics. I am so happy to have found such an amazing author and I will be reading a lot more of your work in the future.