@awesomespice Thank you


First of all, I must say that I am so so so happy to find your book! It's so rare to have a story that actually makes sense and is well written about Ancient China nowadays! I'm so happy that someone shares the same love I have for the fascinating culture of the Chinese to the point of writing such a wonderful tale. I am very excited for this story to blossom! I wish you the best of luck! Truthfully, I have been working on my own historical Chinese story but it has not as much popularity as I have first hoped... So now I put all my hope into you! Thank you!


@Youth_Fire Thank you sooooo much!!! Idk I really don't know what the heck I'm doing with my life T^T


I love you and its not Eros like 
          I just believe we have this connection
          A special one
          Like if we got closer I'll tell you anything
          Its weird but its true
          Really weird but not a ruse
          I absolutely love your work
          I'm jealous of it
          How do you do it
          I always tried writing like that
          But I never really ended up with that
          I love the way you mystify the readers making them ache for more. The way you blend different delicious vocabularies to convey a scene.
          Its amusing.
          Its beautiful.
          Its talent.
          You really are talented I tell you dearly.
            Now before I go have you read "F.A.I.T.H". Its an absolutely stunning book I am reading.
          Try it, its not my book, I don't personally know the person that wrote it but I think you will love it.
          Bye for now
          I followed you
          and would be a big fan
                     And like every fan would say. Update!!!


            I don't know how to say this so that it's not super cringe. Like legit thank you. This is the first super long comment that I've ever received like. And today my editor for school basically said that my writing sucks. So like you don't know how much this comment means to me. I'll read it when I have time ^.^ I promise I will.