Claire or Liam
USA 18 01-17-05
Genderfluid and panromantic

I have one caregiver
I'm a little (littlespace)

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I can never be as pretty as you
with your cheeks a bright pink hue
your eyes that sparkle under the moon
and your smile that lights up the room

I can never be as pretty as you
with your hair that falls perfectly
your confidence in everything you do
and your personality that is bright and sunny

I can never be as pretty as you
i'm full of flaws and imperfection
what even am i compared to you
i'm just a guy with a bad complexion

I wish I was perfect, but no one is perfect.
I wish I was loved, but I'm not.
I wish my life was perfect, but it isn't.
I wish dreams came true, but they don't.
I wish I was beautiful, but I am not.
I wish no one was judged, but we are.
I wish no one is going through a tough time, but they are.
I hope someday my dream will come true, but it won't.
No matter what life hits us with, we are there to face it with a smile.
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