ONE MILLION! :0 Guns and Giggles has crossed the One Million mark! Thank you so much guys for reading it, sorry I've been away from replying all the comments but I'm so glad you're enjoying it! Please remember to vote it as well so that other like minded people can get this book in their suggestions ❤️ Honestly I love you guys so much for your appreciation on this one! Next one coming sooooon❤️


@JustAFanGirlK it deserves more... i mean God! I love the cover its dope


@JustAFanGirlK  CONGRATULATIONS!!! ~♥~ It was worth it, your story is a gem indeed a treasure that will be remember. Guns and giggles is one of my fav books ♥♥♥


@JustAFanGirlK it's an awesome book...one of my favourites


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If you read this please take a note I have just started with prologue. Seems like am going to enjoy this shit a lot! Humorous brains aren’t everyone’s cup of tea!!
          Thanks in advance. Keep writing 


Hey!! JustAFanGirlK's
          I had read your guns and giggles it was funny and amazing and of course I liked it.
          But I also want to tell you something that today I had published my first story I hope you read. Also, I am curious to know your reaction...bye.


Hi, I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your story “Guns and Giggles” the plot twists were incredible and I loved the characters so much. Keep writing because you are doing amazing!


Hi! I've read some of your stories and really appreciate your works. I've started writing a story on Wattpad too called "Running into love with Mr. CEO" and would really like it if you would check it out and follow me if it pleases you. Do leave some comments if you like it and kindly vote for my story!
          Anyone who comes across this message, kindly acknowledge my story and show some love, lovelies! 


I love your book guns and giggles it made me laugh it made me cry it made me contemplate my life and can u keep aria and Alex’s story going maaaan it’s just too good to let go off 


Just wanted to say I love you and your book. You have such a refreshing way of writing and had me laughing so much. You seem like a great person and I hope you have a wonderful day