Hi everyone I am a girl and I like sonic anime and being lazy (-~-)

Afton fam ship's I like is

Ennard x Michel

William x Clara

Elizabeth x Puppet

My fav sonic ship's

Sonic x Amy

Tails x Cream

Knukles x Rouge

Shadow x Y/N

Tails x y/n

Silver x Y/n
My fav My Hero Academia ship's

Bakugo x Deku/ Izuku

Todoroki x Deku

Ochoco x Tyusu

Kirishima x Bakugo

Izuku x Y/n (Cause I like Him)

My fav food is Pizza

fave drink is Blackberry boba

Hobby's are singing and art

I am a gamer

A have a Yt channel

And final thing is that I love My bed and food and being lazy 👁️👄👁️

Well that's all about my Bye!!!!
  • Reading fanfic's in my room on my bed
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Hi everybody if you have discord hear is my account Kupcakegamer#8283 See y’all later and thx so much for 25 followers thank you everyone I love you my kupcake’s baiii!!!
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