I'm an introvert, most people say I'm antisocial😒, but I'm really just an out-of-this-world-goofy😀 girl that enjoys reading books. I'm South African💃. I love coffee ☕with milk and two teaspoons of sugar. I'm a happy person😜😝. I love the colour black❤, but my bedroom walls are peach 😞💔. 

I'm a big fan of music and dark chocolate 😭😭. Family is a really big top priority for me, so that explains it.

What I don't like is, orange slices in my rooibos tea and the smell of the inside of a fridge.. Makes me want to hurl.. 😷😷💔

Yeah, and that's a little to know about me. I don't know if you should know though, but at least it's something. 😘😍😏😏😋😋😛
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