Sheep-like angel

"Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my God!"

•○• Just wants to do good
•○• Wants to get back to heaven
•○• Genuinly wants to help people

"Doesn't this all seem a little.. sinful?"

°●° Likes friendship, love, romance, redemption, helping
°●° Dislikes lying, violence, sexual remarks, bullies, blood
°●° Physically cannot hate anything

"Did you have to hug him so hard..? I'm at underwear level you know! And that guy clearly hadn't showered today!"

□ Panromantic
■ Asexual
□ Likes anyone and everyone

"Is that how it works..?"

♤ Curious
♥︎ Loyal
◇ Shy
♣︎ Agreeable
☆ Considerate

"What are you guys talking ab- oww!!"
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Collin was walking around the streets. He had on a dark hoodie, and put the hood up to hide most of his face.♥︎ Anyone may reply~! I made it pretty vague so that humans, demons and angels can all in...
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Collin's Diary~ by L-L1TTL3_L4MBS
Collin's Diary~
Hello diary.. I've got a lot going on my life, so I've decided to keep my adventures here!