-I'm 18 and to really get to where I live you have to travel to the second star to the right and straight on 'till morning... how exactly you plan to do that I have no idea, but your not borrowing my Tinkerbell to get here. ;) 
-I love boys... There just so much fun to tease... I know, I know it's mean but hey what can I say... I'm a bad girl :) BUT I'm a sweet bad girl
-I can be crazy and I'm a lot of fun and am energetic and HELL YES ... I am the blonde energizer bunny :)
-Truth or dare...Ima dare kinda girl ;)
-I LOVE cars, I want a Camero in yellow (my own Bumblebee :D) ,a Lambo Sesto Elemento and a Ducati Superbike 848 evo (simple but beautiful)... nothing hotter than a guy on one of those :D
-Music= life and I sing and am learning the piano :D
-I can be really shy sometimes...
-I wanna be a Marine Biologist... AP BIO wooh hooo!!!!
-My favorite color is pink hehe but I love all colors and suprisingly for someone as pale as me I rock black ;)
- I love shopping, mangos, rock climbing, smiling, laughing, running, the beach, friends+ family <333 FRUIT MENTOS!!! and don't forget the Ben and Jerry's :)
-I am going to travel the world... anyone wanna come?
- I love you ALL and don't even try and deny it cause its true... PM me I'll listen to whatever you have to say. Promise.
-I HATE bullies... but I still love the real person behind that mask...
- Dancing in the rain, strolls @ night, swinging on swings at parks <333333
@XBig_Daddy_FighterX- <333 ;D @IngeoIamgee- THIS GUY IS AWESOME... nuff said @SeanBOReilly- Tots cool @the_love_doctor- lovs this kid... hang in there Austin and I'm still SOOO kicking ur bro's butts!!! @Kyle_Fallen_Farlen- I AM SO HAPPY ur home and alright... lets keep it that way :) @SellaLoveeAquaBlue- My fellow 1 Direction lovr... <3 OHHHHH and btw were taking over the world(shhh though, its a secret hehe) CHECK OUT HER STORIES... I'll love you forever :D @mhnr_LinkinPark my favorite chica! Road trip buddies <33333
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