How did you end up here.

Wtf are you even doing here. Go outside. Get your laundry out of the dryer. Do something.

If you came here from one of my comments or saw one of my comments no you did not but if you did I am very sorry my stupid is not contagious.

I am married to Louis Tomlinson (I'm not an elevator I swear) who is married to Harry Styles who is "married" to Olive Garden Wildlife (whatever her name is) and no one can change that not even Louis (or his husband, or his husband's wife).

It's a complicated relationship.

I didn't mean to get obsessed with 1D I swear. I just wanted to see who the curly one was and then the next thing you know I'm crying over teddy bears, tattoos, the word promise, and two grown ass men who haven't publicly interacted in 6 years but I guess it is what it is.

I think you're cool
And hot
But I'm straight 🥲
No but seriously I am and it's sad
But you're still hot
I like you

TPWT (Treat People The Tommoway)
OT5 Stan

Please do not follow me just for me to do it back if you're going to unfollow after. Don't do it in general.

If you are homophobic you get blocked.
If you are disrespectful you get blocked.
If you are racist you get blocked.
If you are sexist you get blocked.
In conclusion if you're a bitch you get blocked.

Just don't be a bitch. (It's Christmas)
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LarryPaynesMe LarryPaynesMe Sep 05, 2022 09:59PM
I was at work today and this guy ordered a large banana smoothie, and when I have it to him I said “large banana, have a hard day” so now I’m clocking out early.
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