I love anime, drawing and building things.
Gender: Them/They
Sexuality: Pansexual (Pan)

Side: Deception
You say evil, we say Megatron
You say good, we say Optimus
You say grumpy, we say Ratchet
You say annoying, we say Starscream
You say cute, we say Bumblebee
You say girly, we say Knockout
You say role model, we say Ultra Magnus
You say scientists, we say Shockwave
You say girl power, we say Arcee
You say quiet, we say Soundwave
You say shy, we say Bulkhead
You say bitch, we say Arachnid
You say gone, we say Cliffjumper
You say reckless, we say Wheeljack
You say betrayal, we say Breakdown
You say fangirl, we say Smokescreen
You say soldier, we say 5t3ve's
You say crap, we say scrap
Normal girls want to marry men, we want to marry mechs
Normal people don't freak out when they see a red & blue semi, we do
You say bitch, we say glitch
You say OMG, we say OMP
You say jets, we say seekers
You say sex, we say interference
You drink alcohol, we drink high-grade
You say fuck, we say frag
You say hart attack, we say spark attack
You say children, we say sparklings
You say husband/wife, we say sparkmate
You say monster, we say Megatron
You say hero, we say Optimus
You say fool, we say Starscream.
You say fashion queen, we say Knockout
You say annoying, we say Miko
You say doctor, we say Rachet
You crywhen your favourite character dies, we cry when anyone dies
You have a hart, we have a Spark
You can die, we Offline
You say Earth, We say Cybertron
If you've ever cried listening to Transformers music...
If you've ever sworn to be a Autobot/Deception...
If you've ever compared a guy to a Transformer...
If you still read fanfics and watch the film's even when people call you a nerd...
If it broke you spark when your favourite one died...
...and you cheered like hell its self had fallen when they returned to life
All you Transformers fans you aren't alone, if you are one like me.
Know that we are more then what meets the eye!
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How long have you been smiling? It seems like it's been to long
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