I wrote this when I was practically out the womb years ago so it's cheesy and cringy but I'm too lazy to change it, sorry. 


First things first (im the realest.jks) I need to apologize for any spontaneous outbursts, song/film/book references and anything I say that doesn't make sense (so basically everything) and all that jazzz kay, apology accepted? pft of course it is.

Right let me see....

The names Caitlin aka
○Agent 8
○And other names that I cant repeat.....
Call me what you wish young ones


- Favourite colour; yellow
- I'm addicted to alot of things (I know it's ridiculous) like reading, food, music, tv programmes, food etc etc
- Teen wolf, ahs, gossip girl, stranger things, scream, friends & many, many moreeee
- I'm extremely cliché (so you've been warned)
- I love writing but I'm too much of a chicken to upload any of my recent creations
- I'm very very very easily amused
- My jokes are so rubbish that they're hilarious
- I have no clue what to write anymore
- I'm soooo mature ;)
- I ramble
- My mind is lost in the gutter
- Not to blow my own horn but I've been told im good at giving advice?¿
- I should probably stop now because nobody cares caitlin!
- I argue and talk to myself more than I'd care to admit
- If any of this deletes I swear I'll scream (this is the 8th time!)
- My music taste is so vast it's weird
- Also I like to exaggerate (but trust me you'll know when I am)
- If there's any mistakes its because I'm using my phone so sorry
-Halsey + Melanie Martinez = HELL TO THR MOTHA FUCKIN YESSS
- Talk to me! I don't bite

《《《《《《《《《《 《《《《

I do take reading requests btw, if you're nice :)

'No great mind has ever existed without a touch of madness'

Oh my tumblr (I just made one....big mistake¡) → winchesteridjits

¤ [hands out free books,food and tea to you if you read this all and didn't die of old age] I love you¡¡¡

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