☛ "A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies." -George R. R. Martin

Hello, you wonderful humans, I'm Sarah and I'm so glad you found my page.
Before you continue on, there are some things you probably should know about me.

❅ I'm a lover, not a fighter
❅ I love to read and write, though I haven't had the chance to lately
❅ I'm lucky enough to be living my own 'happily ever after' and am currently engaged to the man of my dreams
❅ I'm super open-minded
❅ I don't tolerate bullying (and those who do so on any of my stories or any aspect of my page will be blocked and reported)

That's about it! A massive shoutout to anyone who's made it this far and a huge thanks to anyone who chooses to read my books. You're the people that keep me going and my heart will always have a special place for you!

✦ sarah ✦
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