Hello! It's been a hot second since I've set foot in Wattpad territory, and I've missed it dearly. Thought I'd give a quick update on things, since it's been radio-silence for a few months now.
          	I'd been working on an epic fantasy over the course of a few years, only to have my interest and passion refocused to a different Young-Adult geared story which I've been working on tirelessly for almost half a year. The first draft is close to finished(though there's so much to be done from there), but I'm working at a steady pace and keeping all of my fingers crossed. If you want to keep up with that process, I'm always reachable on Twitter(@LillyanBrooks)!
          	I've missed my fanfiction worlds SO much over the past couple of months(Potter especially, though I swear I don't play favorites), but I firmly believe the best way to recognize my years writing here is to work as hard as I can to get something of my own out into the 'real' world. It doesn't mean I'll never write fan fiction ever again (and I've been toying with the idea of some short stories in the near future, just to stretch my fingers and be able to interact more with you all!). I will always post any big updates or announcements here, as I have and will always consider Wattpad my first writing home.
          	Luv you all.


I just finished the girl marauder book and was hoping for more and I was wondering if you were ever going to continue the storyline. I honestly cannot wait to read more


We miss you! I still go back and reread Potter all the time. It’s my favorite that I’ve ever read. I love your characters and I miss watching them grow as you got to be a more experienced writer. I can’t wait to see what you write in the future. Keep us updated!


Hello everyone!
          Hogwarts For All opened 5th July, and we're inviting everyone to join us! Be sure to join before July 9th, which will be when we close the classroom until next term. We're looking for Professors and Students to join us for the first term. 
          Hogwarts For All is an inclusive Google Classroom that welcomes all Harry Potter fans! You can take Hogwarts lessons, make friends, take part in activities and much more. 
          As soon as you join, there is an announcement which goes into more detail! We hope you enjoy, and can't wait to meet you.
          Class code - jjgmkvu
          Kind Regards,
          Headmistress Bea Watson.
          If I shouldn't post this here, please let me know and I can delete it!