As a young boy I grew up on the streets and , boys homes. I survived by working any job I could find. Sweeping industrial facilities, cutting grass, carnivals, farm work, job site cleanup. The list goes on. At thirteen I was given a chance to be a normal kid when friends took me in and adopted me. I had to pick up in school from that point. I missed the basics in grammar skills. I excelled in anything math,  history, science though. So when I sat out, I followed my strong points. I squeak by on English/ grammar.  In life I joined the Navy  got in on the early  stages of computers.  Main frames and machine language time. Then joined special forces where I finished my Naval time at.  Married my wife, also a sailor. We lived in San Francisco area on our sailboat for years. When she finished her Naval time she went to work at NASA in Texas. I went back to sea as a submersible engineer.  Spent the next 25 years sailing the world.  110 countries  and sailed every major body of water in the world at one point. Even the arctic and Antarctic.  As well as the Galapagos islands and the Mediterranean.  That gave me experiences that very few people have ever had.  From being in north sea storms and riding 90 foot seas to finding sunken ships and seeing the bottom of the oceans, operating Remotely operated Vehicles.  But it also gave me a chance to meet people from all over the world.  And experience life in a non-tourist way most will never get traveling.  Writing has been my pastime and passion for all of those years.  Now I am simi retired filling a check mark on my bucket list of building my own home myself. Another learning moment lol.  As well as trying to publish my writing.  I appreciate any comments suggestions as well as please point out any grammatical errors on my work. English grammar is my biggest failure in life. It is my Achilles. Thank you and i hope I have something worth reading for everyone.
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Lmcgallion Lmcgallion May 04, 2023 08:06PM
I took my stories down for editing.  Found there were issues throughout.  Thanks. 
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