I took down ‘His Love’ I’m editing it adding to it. It should be back by Friday the latest. 
          	Also I posted a new book. See if you like it ‘She’s King’ thank you. 


You little sneak I'm sitting here reading away his love going past chapter 17 past chapter 18 on chapter 19 going wait a minute there is always 17 chapters then I go back to your homepage and see it says 23 chapters so I jumped to the conversation I decided to be crazy LOL I don't even know what to say thank you for the extra chapters


I love all your books I have already read all of them and they are amazing and I am excited for the next chapter of SHE ' S KING it is incredible Hanzel's strength update soon.
          take care greetings ❤


Heyy, what's up? Ur story is amazing and I'd love to help you to spread it to the world. So, my name is Rebeca and I'm a literary translator freelancer, so if you'd like to translate your story to Brazilian Portuguese (one of the most spoken languages in the ), I'd love to do it for a fair price! 
          A dollar per 4 chapters, what do you think? The first one is a gift ❤️