I'm thinking of deleting this account, simply because I feel horrible leaving this up here when I really don't see myself updating anytime soon. Whenever I start to write nothing comes out. This is the worst writer's block I've ever had, and I'm slowly working on getting it back, I'm focusing more on my health right now. 
          	If I don't delete this account I will be gone for a while. A full blown hiatus and I don't know how long it will be before I come back. I just wanted to warn you all. 


please dont delete your account!! i love your books so much and it would be devastating not to have them in my library. go on hiatus and take as long as you need to recover, just please dont delete it! :(


Please don't delete your account! I had no idea that you were unwell. I had no idea. Take as much time as you need but  don't delete all of your hard work!


I find it amusing how the only story of yours I've read is the only non-fanfic story. (: 
          I like it though, I also like fanfics, so i'll be sure to check them out. 
          I'm sorry to hear that you are unwell, I hope you get better! .xx


Hey! My name happens to be Allison so when I found a story called "Finding Allison" that had to do with One Direction I jumped right at it! If I were to say I wasn't a bit disappointed with the lack of romance between Niall and a character that shares my name I would be lying! But it was still adorable and amazingly written! I'm about to read the sequel right now!!!!! I'm very excited! I will probably end up reading more of your stories since you have such a talent for writing! I was also wondering if you would mind reading my story "Seeking Happiness" (completed) or "All I Ever Wanted" (ongoing)? I'm not one to have many readers and it would be lovely to have you as one of the few! I also accept constructive criticism! Thanks!


hey Luce, remember me? el? the girl who has gone completely MIA from this website? i know you probably don't log on much but i just want to say that i miss you and i really hope you're alright or getting better. i hope you don't delete this account, if you do and think it's better for you then of course i support it even if i'd really miss your stories and talking to you… 
          get better and talk to me soon yeah? ily x