♚Hejjjj͡° ͜ʖ ͡°!! I am a 8 grader (I'm 13) who loves wolves, anime and science!
♚ My zodiac sign is Libra
♚I speak 2 languages fluently: English and Croatian!
♚I'm learning French ( 1 year but still a beginner)
♚If I could learn any language I wanted to it would be German,Icelandic and Norwegian. (The last two because no one really speaks them anymore :( ).
♚I can read and write in the Latin and Cyrillic alphabet.
♚Anime I watched: Naruto Shippuden (I gave up on like ep. 340 something :/,Fairy Tail(finished until it starts again), Kaichou Wa Maid-sama (finished but can't remember shit), and Hetalia(there is no escaping hell)
♚AnimeI'mPlaningToWatch/Finish: Soul Eater, Assassination Classroom, Durarara, Fullmetal Alchemist, Saint Young Men.
♚My favorite animal is the wolf.
♚My favorite color is blue (all shades)
♚I have difficulty making friends because I'm formal AF when you meet me, a aperantly 12 yearolds don't tell you their full name and give you a handshake when you meet (¯―¯٥).
♚ I make puns a lot.
♚I tend to be a Grammar Nazi.
My favorite characters:
♚FairyTail: Lucy Heartfilia
♚Naruto: Kushina Uzumaki/Kamikaze (She is married to Minato isn't she?)
♚Kaichou Wa Maid-Sama: Usui (Not because of his looks!)
♚Hetalia: Norway and Romano (maybe even Iceland)
♚Soul Eater: Death The Kid and Death (I like how Kid has such a big flaw, makes him likeable and ironically humane).
♚My favorite show is 'Dog With A Blog'.⚑
♚I have blue eyes.
♚I'm easy to please.
♚I am actually extremely motherly.
♚My rules for avoiding arguments/fights are:
Respect. Accept. Ignore
Respect the person and their opinions EVEN if they don't respect you back.
Accept the way they are and accept that they don't give you respect.
Ignore pretty self-explanatory ignore them, they are not worth your time and breath.
  • "In the land of Nanya, Nanya business!"~Random guy from Avatar The Last Airbender Book:3 Element:Earth "Kangaroo Island!"~Aang from Avatar The Last Airbender book:1 Element: Air
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Guys, all my 'stories' are discontinued! I've been reading alot, and my stories are a bunch of crap! I will be starting a new story soon tho....
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