A relative of mine has passed away due to cancer. I find I am unable to bring myself to write stories at the moment. Please endure a small hiatus.


          	  Its been around a year
          	  How are you doing?
          	  I hope your well


I’m sorry for your loss hope you feel better soon


hello, dear friend. 
          as i find myself rereading chaotic shattering time and time again, i notice that it has been an awful lot more than a year. time and time again, i have read your story and the spinoffs, and time and time again, i cannot express how ethereal and beautiful your writing is. i await your humble return, as i will continue to admire your work.
          i do hope you are doing well.


Hello!! I've been reading one of your books AND I ABSOLUTELY ADORE IT. The plot, writing and everything in it. Not pressuring you into making an update but to show that I really like your content. Keep it up:)))