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Holy Shit!!! She got over the writer's block, updated all her chapters and even posted a new one. Best. New Year's Day. Ever! What's next two chapter's in a day!!! 
          	Whoa! Hold up there happy pants. Don't start placing those overjoyed expectations on me. I's gots me some real life to live, with bills and work, and sleep. Definitely sleep. Sleep is a very very important part of my busy life. Don't sit there glaring at me, shaking your head and pointing at my laptop to write more addictive chapters.  
          	You're still glaring and pointing... Stop it... You're not going to stop are you. 
          	Fine! I'll keep writing. Slave drivers. And you wondering why I'm so mean with the cliff hangers.


@MeganLockhart  YESSS! thankyouthankyouthankyou! (x100billion)



I'm an old fan and decided to read Historical romances again on wattpad and after I finished my mind always wondered to your story. I really loved Blackstone and broken things and would read even if its not finished. Ive been waiting for an upload since I was 15 years old. Pleeeeeease. Grace me with your wonderful chapters.