I am not smart like no kidding 
I suck at everything expect Math because it be easy
I am 12 years old
I like say mi as me and other words as other words get used to it I like typing/speaking like this it's normal for mi friends
I like Pho (type of noddle) my family my friends and me being short don't ask why Okay i likes watpad
I HATE reading like but like wattpad (you see I would have put wheatpad but didn't know if you would get it.)
I don't hate Koop but I don't like it to
My hobbies i don'ts has one so move ones
My dream is to become famous in any way cause i don't know

If you ask what my favorite Kpop bands in order than it is
1. Seventeen
2. Bts
3. Big bang
My least favorite person from anime is
Sakura and a guy with a duck as a hair with a 10 foot stick up is butt
My favorite person from anime is
Naruto, Kakashi, Shikamaru, Hinata Both from Naruto and Haikyuu Kuroo kenma GOM and kuroko (kuroko no basket) and the rest of the from naruto expect those 2 and yep from every anime i've listed in here ( I have more but don't think you will handle it lol)

That's it because can't think of anything else
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