Things you have to know about me. 

1.I think I'm a deep person. My mind often wanders like it's wanting to go deep below the surface. But I can easily be detected as a childlike person from the outside. I get amused by things a lot.

2.Have a wacky sense of humor? Sometimes when people said something often not the intent to make a joke, I laughed. Maybe because of their way of speaking? Or my mind tends to imagine unexpected things? Maybe like if you tell a story about the time you get manicured earlier than your friend, I will automatically think, oh maybe the worker thinks she has gross feets. Idk lol. Take all you will, i already considered myself for a treatment. I'm strange like that.

3.I read a lot of fantasy books ,and teen fiction. Any genre is good if it makes me want to read more. Storm & Silence, for example. If you haven't read it yet, YOU SHOULD.

4. I'm sixteen. Birthday's in 19th March. So set yo event on ur calendarrr.

5.Two words. Manu. Rios. And yes, my pfp is him looking like freakin Harry Potter pointing to a painting of Mona Lisa. Jdkfkdkdkdikrirkr also, probably most of the books i read, i imagined him as the lead guy 👌 If not him, idk pls suggest me one lol.

I have my own books in stored but not finished and published for you to see yet. Just wait and see. I plan for Fantasy writing.
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