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You are absolutely amazing. 
          I barely come to Wattpad, I find most story lines dull with little adventure and real life problems I can relate to. The way you portrayed the dynamic between family and friends in Family is amazing. I admire Elena’s, Dahlia’s and Silas’s banter and sarcastic remarks. Your writing skills had me on the edge of my seat at times…so captivating. I love how everything is not so black and white. It is true people love their family and friends but at the end of the day they are still humans, individuals with their own experiences and morals. Sometimes love isn’t enough to heal relationships the way people hope. I love how you gave a realistic approach to with Elena’s mental health journey and healing trauma. From the first few chapters I did not expect the story to end up here! 
          Nectaret Ambrosia I hope you are doing well! You deserve everything good that comes to you in this life. [I’m not just saying this because your a great author, from one life form to another I genuinely mean it.]