Sucking on hard candies is drinking your favorite flavored spit.


@NewDeath01 you have ruined jolly ranchers for me


I hope I'm not spoiling much, but it doesn't matter since I can't do anything on this account. Breeding Remnant ended with the reader bringing peace to Remnant with the power of his penis.


Abused/disowned/homeless/heartbroken male reader x
          overprotective/loving/caring taimanin asagi harem
          Alpha physiology
          Bahamut physiology(as dragon)
          Transcendent dragon physiology(all dragon-based power)
          Dragon Lord physiology 
          Mutated dragon physiology 
          Elemental dragon physiology(Omni-Elemental manipulation)
          Superior Mystic dragon physiology 
          Gestalt dragon physiology(birds lizards snakes and more)
          Inanimate object dragon physiology(Vehicle form)
          Draconic machine physiology(all technology-based power)
          Bionic dragon physiology
          Undead dragon physiology(Osteokinetic constructs/Bone weaponry)
          Angelic dragon physiology 
          Demonic dragon physiology 
          Dimensional dragon physiology 
          Cosmic dragon physiology 
          Superpowered dragon physiology 
          Shapeshifting(dragon form)
          Ninja magic 
          Supernatural stealth 
          Stealth combat 
          Wall running 
          Cross-wall jumping 
          Water walking 
          Shuriken proficiency 
          Smoke bomb proficiency 
          Mystical martial arts 
          Gesture casting 
          Supernatural intelligence 
          Supernatural body 
          Supernatural combat 
          Supernatural evasion 
          Supernatural strength 
          Supernatural speed 
          Supernatural health 
          Supernatural unarmed combat 
          Meta luck 
          Meta combat 
          Super eating 
          Absolute weapon proficiency 
          Weapon creation 
          Vehicle creation 
          Vehicle intuition 
          Vehicular combat 
          Sex specialist 
          Sex empowerment 
          Seduction intuition 
          Multi-hit strike 
          Power Megaton 
          Full counter 
          Child prodigy 
          Talent embodiment 
          Supernatural cooking 
          culinary intuition 
          Elemental constructs 
          Elemental weaponry 
          Elemental artillery 
          Elemental breath 
          Elemental combat 
          Elemental attack 
          Elemental telekinesis 
          Elemental exoskeleton 
          Massive harem:
          Whole females(taimanin rpgx/taimanin asagi battle arena)
          New multiple chapters(without discontinued hiatus on hold or cancelled)
          New updates(without slow updates or long updates)
          New lemon scenes(18+/hentai/Adult-content/mature/lemons)
          Here your new story @NewDeath01


@Dragondoor sounds like you've got it all planned out. It would be best if you wrote it.


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Hey guys, unfortunately, Wattpad is saying that they can't verify me. I gave them a fucking list of like ten stories, talking about DMs, sending them a fucking photo of me writing Breeding Remnant, where I fell asleep on the keyboard (the entire thing was "j"s). I even offered to provide google doc transcripts of me writing 14 chapters before they even got posted to this shit website. I feel I have more than met the burden of proof, and they don't like what I write, so they are using this to de-platform me.


@Nolan1100298125 If I get the drive to post I will, I just can't find the drive to write.


this message may be offensive
@Nolan1100298125 They said they can't give me my account back because they can't verify that I am me, even though I fucking offered to do way more than they asked to verify that I am me.


@NewDeathAlt01 so will you post on your alt until you fix it


Hello everyone, NewDeath here. Sorry, I've been not doing anything. I am locked out of my account, forgot the email address on the history, and needed to change the password like everyone else. I filed a ticket with Wattpad 4days ago, I believe it was. Nothing has happened so far. This account is my alt, always wanted to keep it a secret just in case.