I'm not depressed, mk? Mk^^
I just like Aesthetic Black

Past usernames(just incase you don't recognize me):

•I don't read SaiOuma anymore, I'll just leave the reading-list there for any SaiOuma shippers^^.
•Anything from my reading-list, I don't even read from it anymore💀 So like, idk, read from them I guess??
•I'm only on Wattpad to read stuff my friends suggest me to read or I'm making a new chapter or editing my OC book.
•I honestly don't read here anymore, sooo have a good day/night/afternoon if you came across my page!! By by <3
// Also feel free to unfollow, I'm not stopping you, its your choice not mine. <3
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I like talking about my OC's, like, ALOT-
7/14/22- This bio looks rlly cool ngl-
9/8/22 - Fanfiction.net >>
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