OMG I got my inspiration from you!!! I'm now writing an OUAT fanfic which is a solo on the evil queen so check out my book called 'They Only See the Evil Queen' and follow me too! Thanks for your imspiration! 


Do you like Season 7 if you don’t why not?


@Dorksrule_forever I’m iffy with it but it felt off for me to be completely honest-


@Dorksrule_forever I do but it's not the same as the other 6. I missed Emma, Snow and Charming but I think it was still good.


Hey Oncers, I had a question. Would you rather like to see a fanfiction broken up into different books for each season of OUAT or would you rather see it all in one book? I have been trying to decide this for a long time but still not sure


@emmahookx Thank you for the help !
            That's kinda what I was thinking but then I was on the fence


@_FantasyPrincess_  Different books!


Hi, just published my first few parts of a new story - Once Upon A Betrayal. It's my first story so it'd be incredible if someone would read it... don't be put off by the Captain Swan focus at the start, it's going to become more generalised as it progresses. Bringing more magic to my fellow Oncers!!


Hello to every once Upon a time fans in here! We all know how our favorite show is over But here's a chance to relive the magic! I'm thinking about creating a new book which will continue the series with Hope Jones-Swan as the main character! Whoever would like to help me write the book and revive the once's magic, send me a private message!