Hewo everyone my name is Orange u can call me orange or my nickname Gangsta or inkling girl 
Here's a little about myself
Favorite song: squid melody (blue version) and the nightcore version
Favorite ice cream: mint chocolate chip
Favorite food: a so many
Favorite Fnaf character: all the foxys
Likes: my friends (followers), being social, being cute,
Dislikes: mean people, people cussing at me, getting
reportedorbanned for stupid reasons people being rude to friends followers, people saying disgusting things
Fears: the monster rat from five nights at candy's I think he or she is creepy 😱😱😱, insects
Here r the things that r about meh I hope we can be friends
Favorite YouTube channel: vaf (vester and friends) bmf100 (big Mario fan 100) Jmf (jazzy mew fan)
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