Hello fellow readers and writers! TODAY IS THE DAY! Paid Stories has officially launched and Wattpad Next beta has come to an end. This means the beta program was a success (yay!) and many more writers now have the opportunity to have their stories supported through this wonderful program. I'm thrilled to say that The Red Door is included! You can get additional info about the program AND read up on how your story can be supported here:  https://www.wattpad.com/paidstories/
          	Also, a huge THANK YOU to those of you who have supported my story while in the beta program. It is so inspiring to see your support for writers and it has proven that your support can make great things happen :)


@OriginalRevolver Huge congratulations to you! It is so gratifying to see that talented writers stand to be compensated for their work. Yay, you!


Hello, well this is my first book and It will be a pleasure for me if you gonna read it, vote it, comment it and maybe share it because it's my first time here and this is my first book. Thank you♡


Sorry for plugging author!
          Hello! There!
          If you love reading stories that has a no happy endings (spoiler•́  ‿ ,•̀) you can check my first series!
          Title: P (Pain Series #1)
          Author: Imstilltyping