Hey Limiters!
          	Chapter 12 of “Fear of Intimacy” is up!! It is a heavy chapter and has a trigger warning at the beginning, so just keep that in mind when you read. But after you read this chapter you’re going to love Trevor even more. 
          	I hope you guys enjoy it!!
          	<3 <3 <3 <3


@OutOfMyLimit17 yes yes I do


Does anyone know what this book is called? I can't find it anymore.
          the book is about a woman, her mother is dead (missing but declared dead) and she then moved to the small town where mother lived. she had rented a room but in the end it turned out that the son of the house owner had done it to get money, but in the end was allowed to stay that way and they started to fall in love.


Hey i don’t usually do this but if you guys would wanna check out my story i’d really appreciate it! 


where can i follow you?


Hi are you still doing the book two of hidden shadow and your book HS made me addicted to Ashely's book so thank you for letting me know her even tho I'm kinds sad ghost ain't there no more


Are you going to continue writing inception?