`路... 陹  (  ) unpopular opinion alert 芦
          	                鈺扳柛 idol producer/youth with you is way better than produce 101 and produce x 101, you may not agree with me but the songs and choreographies ( both original and covered songs ) are literally chef kiss for me鈥


e x a c t l y


yeah youth with you had renai circulation and i really love that song


we may or may not
          speak a ton!  but! i
          would love  to stop
          by &  tell you how i
          hope  you 鈥 re safe
          & heathy! just kn -
          ow  that  i 鈥 ll  care
          for   you !   if    you
          need    anyone   to
          talk  to ,, then i 鈥 m
          ur   person  !   i 鈥 m 
          open  to  rants abt
          the craziest things
          !  you 鈥 re beautiful
          / handsome   &  ily
          bye lovely!! <3333