I Have A Love For Books.

If you asked me what my favorite book (or Netflix) series was I definitely could not choose. I flipping adore these series; The Medoran Chronicles,
The Nevermoor Series, The Rosewood Chronicles, Wings of Fire, Keeper of the Lost Cities, Percy Jackson, One Of Us Is Lying, The Dragon Prince, She-ra (reboot), The Owl House, and so many more! Their just so fan-flipping-tastic!

I support gay rights, women's rights and basically every other right. We shouldn't need to fight for these things!

Equity for all!!!🥰

I once read this book called 'Hurry Home Candy'. It's about this really sad story of a puppy (at least he got a happy ending though...well sort of) and it's not a large book but It took me forever to read because I had to keep putting it down and just balling my eyes out. Lol I'm a softy but only when I'm alone with my books.... 🤣😅
Ps. Have A Wonderful Day!
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