Hi! I'm PolarPack, welcome to my page!

I am a writer who sucks at grammar, you have been warned. I enjoy writing fan fiction. However, I have written two books. They have not been published anywhere. The first because it is insanely private. The second I do not have a reason other then it was written a long time ago.

→ FAQ ←

→ Why the name "PolarPack"?
← The first book I wrote was about a werewolf and she was white. My favorite animal is a Polar Bear. So, it made sense to me.

→ Are you/your stories for mature audiences?
←Yes and No. It depends on the story. I will make sure to post the rating at the begging and at every update.

→ Do you respond to comments?
← Yes. I believe that if you take the time to comment than you deserve a response.

→ Why did you take my comment down?
← I will remove all comments that are rude, unkind, or I deem as bullying. I will also remove comments that share personal information. The world we live in is messed up and you never know who is seeing what you share.
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