Salutations comrades!
I like writing and drawing. I am yet to post anything official but may begin soon during December 2021 and in 2022. I write my own stories and make my own bookcovers.

My pfp was made by the one and only @Workaholic_Niemcy ^v^

I made my first account in 2018, September 8. But I lost that account so I got this one.

I am Australian so my spelling/grammar may be different (such as color vs colour and organise vs organize).

@ThePenguinThatTypes (irl)
@Wind0ww_doesnt_exist (online)
@Workaholic_Niemcy (❤️)
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Story by Mal
Distance by PuppetXeno
I suppose Chapter 1 can be a two parter to the story leading up to
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