Un poco loco (A little crazy) 

Esta reina no necesita un rey (This queen don't need a King)

You wanna know about me? Okay bitch let me tell you that

• I AM A QUEEN! You hear that? I AM A FUCKING QUEEN!
• I hate it when people touch me without my permission! One can not touch the QUEEN just like that!
• One simply does not mess with me unless they have a death wish
• I am a very violent, feisty, sassy and sarcastic bitch. This queen is not gonna have mercy on anyone
• Be nice, and I'll be nice.
• I have naturally black eyes and hair (no trace of any other colour) My hair are extra silky and straight (naturally of course) beautiful, isn't it?
• I don't fucking care about what all those fucking bitches and assholes think about me
• The only people that I let ordering me around are my fucking parents!
• English is not my first language so don't even think of judging me on that bitches
• I am a fucking feminist but I would give away anything for some Wattpad boys (More specifically BLAKE EATON and BENNETT FRAZIER )
• I love my HOES (also known as friends)
• I don't believe in shitty love at first sight or those shitty happy endings! That's all just some fake shit. That's why I love realistic books... Even if it means a heartbreaking ending.

• What's a superhero without a villain? Nothing!
What's a villain without a superhero? Successful!

• For all those who thinks that they are less;
You survived what you thought would kill you. Now go straighten up your crowns and move on like the queens you are!
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Mentally tormented. Physically tortured. Taken away from her peaceful life, Alice Phoenix was turned into not...
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