UPDATE ALERT: After a long hiatus, Chapter 37 of BBK is up now!


I have a new chapter getting ready to be uploaded! Until then, I promise I haven’t forgotten you all so if you want to see more of me on my free time please follow my tiktok @rachelsb382. I will be back soon, and with a new chapter for BBK!


I just read your opening paragraph Rachel. No wander you attracted so much attention. People get attracted to quality and characters they can relate to. I will keep reading your story and hope to learn a lot from you. Meanwhile I wish you all the best. If you can suggest authors who were influential in your artistic progress or anyone reading my post for that matter I would really appreciate that. Regards


I've just finished AMH and hope the sequel is just as good as the first but either way I will read it. I see March was the last update and hope it will be completed. Once again thank you for writing. I love reading and I appreciate the effort all writers  do to write a story and keeping the readers happy.