I want to give some fancy/ funny bio but I am not innovative so I will just stick to giving information about myself (without my non-existent charming wits)

I'm a proud Bharat Vaasi and a proud Sanatan (Hindu). I love my Bharat culture, it's origin and such. ( Proud -- not in an arrogant way) I say I am proud of my BHAARAT culture because MY DHARMA BELIEVES IN LOVING AND RESPECTING OTHERS IRRESPECTIVE OF AGE, FAITH , GENDER , RACE ETC ETC. It doesn't believe in showcase love.

It teaches that whatever faith one belongs to , Divinity is ONLY ONE. So it's wrong to ridicule others' faith.
(That's why I am glad to be born in this faith😇😇😇 )

In respect of spirituality, my belief is
Love your gods & goddesses but respect other religion ( taught by my mother from my childhood)

My mother tongue is telugu ( South Indian language). I love telugu.

I'm a woman 😇. I love being a woman.

Radha_of_krishna is not my name ☺. It is the name of a god and a goddess.

I still have to finish my CA final ( have to start my second innings in the aspect of my education and profession).

Coming to Wattpad,
I love reading nice books . Wattpad is a boon given to me in my lonely life. (Edit on 3-Sept.-2021: not so lonely now. Got married recently 😇) When I read comments for a story , I feel as as if I am one among them. That's the second best thing in Wattpad.
Wondering what's the first best thing ? It's books

Umm... I have another account in Wattpad by name shivamangalagowri( Shiva, mangala_gowri -- goddess name)

Ok That's for now.

Thank you for reading my bio.😇😇😇. ( As on 29 August 2018)

PS : even though I am reading books from Wattpad from these few years , I came to know about some of it's workings just recently.

PPS : I TOOK A DECISION NOT TO FOLLOW BACK. Please note that this is not out of arrogance or such. Just wanted to make clear my thoughts wrt this. That's all . (3rd October 2018)
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