The Carousel Mini Awards | Open
          	Come one, come all. Join the Carousel mini awards and stand the chance to win 3rd, 2and or better yet 1st prize.



My apologies for sliding on your announcement board uninvited
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          Thank you for taking the time to read this and visit the website❤️


Greetings! Hope I'm not bothering you. It would be great if you consider this message and check out our community. It's a new one and we currently have a lot of slots open! We would be really happy if you join us. Wishing you a good day/night.


' you are what you believe yourself to be " 
                  - Unknown
          Welcome to the gateway of Evanscence Kingdom 
          Evanscents are the magical ,helpful and bubbly people who are always in search of new and creative people ,who can be you - 
          Every person has some special talent in them and we help you explore them through using our encouraging charms 
          Pick up your wands,grab your cauldrons wear your cape and join us in the journey of sharpening skils along with spreading the message of self love and adoration
          We believe in sprinkling the sparkles of self love 
          Here is our discord server -
          And our hiring book for more information -