Just posted my new fanfic! Go check it out!


Guys, I don't know what to do... I don't get a lot of feedback and a lot of votes, so I have no idea wether you guys like my story or not and if I should continue.
          I know it's a little boring, but I have a few ideas to add some drama to it.
          So please let me know what you think and vote! Thanks guys!


@RobertDowneyJr65 You can't let that stop you honey! You just keep writing! I have only started your book, yet, but I am definitely reading it. 
            I do not get much feedback either, lately, and I know how much it motivates us writers, but we cannot just give up. You have to think you must continue,  not only for your readers, but also for yourself! :* 
            Keep up the great work! Kiss *


@RobertDowneyJr65 Hi there. It's not about your stories, it's just that people don't visit wattpad as much, for example, I created an account on wattpad when you said about your story on instagram, and now I'm replying when I got an email about your message, so here is a tip, you can publish about the story on instagram with a link attached then we will know about your new story and we'll definitely log in to read it. Keep it up & good luck! :))