Hello my beloved readers, 
          	And Happy valentines day! 
          	Thank you so much for 5,000 followers! 
          	I have just updated Love is just a game and I will update Sincerely devoted soon. 
          	I thank everyone for the patience with my books and taking the time to read them. 
          	Have a great day, and even if you are single, remember that you still have yourself to celebrate today with! 
          	So pamper and treat yourself today. Don’t forget to love yourself while you’re busy loving others. 
          	Also, if you want to make more friends - I have created a discord group! I’ll see you there :D 
          	I love you. 


@RoseriaValeria when are you going to updated 'fate'


@RoseriaValeria when are you gonna update ‘sleeping with my ex?’