Age: 248.59 years old, but for the sake of the roleplay they'll be 24

Sexuality: They are gender-non confirming and are a pansexual bean

Likes: Earth of course, many friends, reading, music, and sweets!

Dislikes: Being told that they aren't a planet, scary things, sour food, being completely and utterly alone, and rude people!

About them: Pluto is a small planet, they normally like being a alone when it comes to being in a library and having their own time to themselves. They love sweets as they have an extreme sweet tooth. They can be very emotional at times and have massive mood swings. Their favourite colour is burgundy.


Age: 19

Sexuality: Bisexual

Likes: Chatting with everyone, food, gaming, practically anything to do with socializing.

Dislikes: Being ignored, when he runs out of top ramen, when his gaming high score gets topped, when he isn't able to talk to anybody.

About Him: He will break your kneecaps if you sit in his gaming chair, he is very hard headed and sassy when he wants to be, he is a gamer for life as long as its online with people so he can talk to them while playing, he's also very playful and kind when you get to know him.


Age: 26

Sexuality: Confused Bisexual

Likes: Food, traveling, his friends, gardening, helping others, and the night time.

Dislikes: His plants dying, when he can't others, negative people, when he is ignored.

About him: Philippines can be very quiet as he isnt a huge talker. He loves his friends and feels good when he is able to help people and when he's needed. His gardening takes up a lot of his time but will always make time for friends and such. The night time is when he takes a few minutes to take in everything and feels grateful for everyone.
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