I'm sorry din pero mag-mute na ko ng mga taong nag pluplug dito. Gusto ko po sana mabasa kasi yung messages para sa akin. Hehe


@SGwannaB I love she's dating the gangster di parin ako maka move on sa ending 


@SGwannaB ngayon ko lang to nakita. Huhu my heart ❤️


@SGwannaB My first ever favorite author ❤️ #She'sDatingTheGangster


hello ate, good evening po!!! may chance po bang magkaroon ng special chapter yung SDTG?? hindi ko pa natatapos but i want na kahit papaano masaya yung keme HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA hoping na sana makita niyo ‘to!!! labyu ate


Hello Ms bianx. Hope you doin' fine. Sana mabigyan ka ng energy na makapg sulat ulit ng storyyy.. My first favorite and only fave characters of yours (kenji and athena) everytime na NAMIMISS ko sila pa ulit ulit kong binabasa ang sdtg. Its always feel like the first time I read it. So nostalgic! We love you and will wait till your next story to bublish. Good bless, and hihintayin parin namin ang sequel ng SDTG hihih <3


In our lives, we keep meeting people that we're not expecting, people that we don't know if we need. 
          Nasah Seliara Ellorico is used to being quiet unless she has to talk. She struggles making friends because she's not that friendly, but what if she bumps into a young man, Khran Maurice Gomez, who will keep appearing in her life and say that he wants to get closer to her? Will he succeed in getting her attention?




Hi everyone, do take time to read! 
          Hi everyone! Be aware of the existence of illuminati, the thought of it sounds funny but it is real, and I'm here to remind you to talk to God everyday and read your Holy Bible. God Bless you! God loves you so much He is willing to forgive every sin that you ever committed like it never happened! if you feel like you're too far from Him then you're totally wrong, He is near, just call on Him anytime and anywhere!
          Please stop saying 'Oh my God' as an expression. Please don't put The Lord's Name in vain and also refrain from using the rock and roll sign as well for it is affiliated with the devil. God Bless
          And please stop celebrating Halloween for it is unholy and demonic. The founder of church if Satan has said that he thanks Christian families for allowing their kids to worship Satan even for one night, and yes it is through celebrating Halloween, beware of what you're watching and the song and artist you're listening to. please have the decency to search for the truth, spread what I said, please. Thank you.