Heyo people... so i have decided to completely re-do my 'about me', here goes;

first things first, i am absoloutly set on becoming a writer. it's all i want to do... write write write and read.... it seems though, that the only way to get on the whats hot list is to write either a werewolf/vampire fiction, teenage love story, fanfic or something to do with One Direction.... sorry guys but i don't write that kind of thing! never mind.... i will try not to bore you....

If you know me, you will also know about the current book i'm writing 'The Link' because it's all i talk about. You will also know (still if you know me, wich you probably don't 'cause i'm just another random kid over the internet...) my best friend, i won't give out names but i will tell you now, she is the bestest bestest friend in the whole wide world and no-one will ever change that.

if you've got this far... well done! i waffle on a bit sometimes...


note to self- i suck at this!!!!!!!

i fan people with awsome profiles, and stories of course
i am mad about cows and horses
i use alot of elipsis....
i like writing articles with humour, although i'm not humourous in real life
some people think i'm funny but i'm not naturally funny... at least i don't think i am.... ;P
(i use lots of brackets and !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
wattpad is epic
i'm hopeless when i need to use comebacks... i mean... even my younger sister is better at it!

My aims for now;

To travel the world
To become a successful writer
To finish 'The Link' and be satisfied with it
If my story became a film... i would be so happy (then... who wouldn't?!)

Ermacarrots... have i not mentioned, my favourite film is Skyfall?!

stay awsome people :P
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