Why 'ello there, darlin. ♡
(You may call me Jordan, Sal, or danny, My main nicknames are Jordan or pancake! :D )

(Just a 13 year old gothy night owl)

(I go by any pronouns, most ppl call me out as a she/they, which im completely fine with!)

(abrosexual, pansexual, a demigirl, and proud <3) (da weirdest aquarius you'll ever meet <3)

(A middle eastern hottie ♡)

(Ah, Sally face..One of my most favorite "drugs" i must admit. Why i call it a drug you ask me? Well, I'm addicted to it and mainly cause it keeps me safe and comforts me from the cruel reality we live in.♡)

(Aesthetics: goth, grunge, weirdcore, dreamcore, traumacore, alt, indie,kidcore, gorecore, dark academia.)

(Fandoms: sally face,creepypasta, happy tree friends, opm, gacha club, Roblox, apex legends, popee the preformer, anddd probably every other fandom you could think of.)
I uhmm also flirt a lot with everyone and I mostly call them "dear, darlin,darling, bub, bae, boo" my most known nickname for people is darlin, I must say.

Also just so y'know, I would never judge anyone :]
No matter what sexuality, gender, personality or anything they are! I love when people are being themselves around me <3
(Except for the red flags below Me.))

‼️‼️if you're t0xic, homoph0b¡c, r@c¡st, transph0b¡c, a ped0, a z00ph¡le, or some weird ass shithead who watches some child get r@pe3d on a p0rn website yet enjoying what you're seeing, then get the fuck off my page you fucking stinky ass Godzilla looking shit. People like you disgusting me. Eugh-

If anyone is being a bitch to you then just tell me and I'll deal with them. :)
And if you know how to defend yo self then GO AT DAT BITCH AND BEAT THEIR FATASS AND IMA BE THERE HYPING YOU UP #Slayy💅🏽

ahem- sorry, anywho.

I think that's everything you need to know about me, follow me if u wanna chat, vent, and get known to each other! Adioss~ (^3^)/~♡
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