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Intersted in reading novels ,novella, plays ,stories,poetry,and all type of literature.

We write something
because we want
that our eyes read
what the heart feels.

It is a strange question for someone but no more strange for me to some extent because I have been in love with poetry for a long. But I never thought to become a professional poet ever. For me, I had no longer any desire or choice of 'if I were a poet', though I had already written some poems. Sometimes I also published my poems in the facebook page for the sake of fun rather than any professional intentions.

I have written mostly on life, which was really a very cosmic topic because of its depth and concerns. I wrote on the grim of life, its nature, its beauty and how it deals with a human being. Sometimes it was more beautiful and sometimes harder even to survive and across the path of self-existence.

Sometimes we write for the sake of pleasure, and not even justified in many aspects. I also took part in some poetry competitions in my school life but my aim was different not even to amuse but for the sake of winning of the school team. As creating and learning are two different things and poetry is meant to both of these areas.
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