Some of yall may have noticed but wattpad has taken down MSPUML. As much as this saddens me, I have expected this to happen (although not as early as this). For now, I have made a google drive with all the chapters I have but without 1-5 because I was an idiot and forgot to back them up. Here is the link to my folder:
          	Happy reading and c31 will be out in DEC


@Sidvadbjd hey thank you for translating this novel i love it so much tht i was willing to google alot of things which brought me here. I can't wait to read more from you. Thank you 


@Sidvadbjd Hey Hope you are able to find away to upload your work somewhere else. Maybe discord or have it set under password protection like some website?
          	  I do love having you translate the work! Cheers!


@Sidvadbjd Aww. I just discovered your account via novelupdates. :( Sorry to hear that. Thank you for providing the Gdrive! <3 Thank you!