The Exiled Alpha - interesting story 


Are we ever getting a sequel to The Exiled Alpha? I feel like I've waited years for one


hi, had sent you a private message. kindly check it out. thanks.


The exiled Alpha, it's beautiful. It is really really really really really really a beautiful story. It definitely deserves a sequel, but even if it won't have any, I'm really happy with the ending


I just want to say I love your book The Exiled Alpha and I really hope one day you make a sequel out of it!! But I know how hard the work of writing is and when it feels complete then it is ❤️ Keep it up youre an amazing writer!!


Hello author,
          I noticed your books and was impressed by your writing skills and the wonderful ideas you create in your stories. I was wondering if you'd be interested in working with us. Kindly see my private message to you.


The Exile Alpha definitely deserves a sequel. I loved it so much I couldn’t stop reading it. I read it all in one day!!


@buzzybee789 ouuu I should start the other books lol I’m addicted to these books lol 


@Heidi8584 I agree. I read both Taming The Beast and The Exiled Alpha, these are both legendary books and deserve more hype qnd definitely a sequel!!! I would read every book you ever write! I'm working on reading your other books currently. @silverless


          Just wanted to say I love your book the exiled alpha!! I hope you end up writing a sequel.! 
          I look forward to reading your other books now. 


The exile alpha deserves a sequel


Is the exiled alpha will get a continuation Or we just have to imagine that he came back