Alright guys it’s that time where I once again hit a book slump and turn to Wattpad in desperation! Send some recommendations my way- I’m dying for some well-written characters and character relationships, and good plot’s a bonus. I’m fiercely avoiding YA after a string of bad ones. Really all that’s captured my interest this year was Red Dragon/Silence of the Lambs and skimming through my favorite Natasha Pulley books, if that helps at all. I’ve no clue what I’m actually in the mood to read aside from needing characters I actually care about (also humor is a bonus, especially Karen Traviss seamless dry humor style with that sweet sweet found family trope)


@SkeneKidz i don't know what kind of books you like but The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt is a good one. 700 pages of words that will rip your soul out and reform it.


@Dead-Guy-Walking I like under the whispering door


Hello! Sorry for plugging in my story!
          Hi everyone! This is my first time writing a story ang i hope you will support my hardships while writing this book. I'm still exploring the m2m smvt world so please bear with my writing skills. I do hope that i met your expectations lalo na sa mga sex scence huhu. Wala pa kasi akong experience hahahah. Again yout support would be much appreciated. Sorry author for plugging my story!


Don't know if you are still writing but I love the conversion academy series ❤️ I've read the prompts too and was wondering if you would ever write a book about Angelo Constance and Ben Warrick? I would read that in a heartbeat!! 


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God I don't knw what to say.. But your book The Journal' has been in my library for almost a year, waiting to be read. And when I finally grew the hearts to read it..  I was like.. 'THE FUCK MAN.!!! IT'S BLOWING.!"
          The way you wrote it and the immense sense of emotion were all more than I could take and... It felt like.. Soooo good.
          In some parts I felt like it's so damn predictable and the next sec.. I'm literally growing nuts in my stomach not knowing where the hell this is going..
          More than that.. The book was not just a story but a journal for thousands of confused and ignored people out there trying to blend in.
          You're too good man.! I loved it.