Would you all be upset if I reposted Wolfdale under a different name and rewrote it so it wouldn't be a fanfiction?


@Sleepykitten13 no, do it. it will possibly get more views to the point you could have it as a paid story then you could eventually publish it making hella money.


@Sleepykitten13 heyy I might will sound like creep but I check if you reposted “wolfdale” or no everyday..i loved that story very much and idc if it’s riverdale or no, the storyline is the point. So no we/I wouldn’t be upset <3 hope you’re doing great!!


@Sleepykitten13 Have u posted the story yet i have been waiting for it i love that story very much


Hey I love your book family values & I was crying for 3 chapters of how her dad wanted willow to be a Perfect mafia princess & act like a doll & making her life miserable & also her brothers too & how are they controlling her life & being so manipulative & I was wondering if you’ll be making a sequel to the book but if not then it’s ok also I hope Willa & west will ran far far far away from Blaise & Lydia because they are now crazy & psychopaths & are acting like her family & control them ❤️


If there is a sequel to Family Values can you please make Ash and Jaden good people to join the twins. If not both then at least Jaden cause he seemed the most dishearten especially at the end. And it might be nice to see a side of the story where Willa and West actually have people that are their blood care and love them.  I also would mind if Smith, Lance, and the other person who I do not remember his name would stay with the twins. These are just suggestions and ideas if there is a sequel.