Name: Mara 
Pronouns: they/them
Gender: non-binary
Sexuality: pansexual&polyamorous
Fave creepypasta : Eyeless jack&homicidal liu
The nightmare before christmas
Helluva boss
Hazbin hotel ext.
NSFW community
Hurt my family and your dead
~Big Brother:~
~Big sister~
End of family
Creepypasta family:
Eyeless jack: @DOBREFAN556
Jeff the killer: @jeffryallenwoods2
Jane the killer: @MrSalvatorBrindisiJr
Nina the killer: @imbringingthechili
Evil- @stormy-nightshade
Laughing jack: @cottoncandyboy1
Hoodie: @creepypastashit101
Ticci Toby: @ticcitoby398
Clockwork: @Xx-marie_kanker-xX
Ben drowned: @L1llyDr0wn3d
Kagekao: @AkiOkami1Navajo
Lazari: @lazari_swanns
End of creepypastas⬆

Friends: never ask for food.
Best friends: are the reason you have no food
Friends: call your parents mr/mrs
Best friends: call your parents mom/dad
Friends: bail you out of jail and tell you what you did wrong
Best friends: sit next to you saying "wow...we messed up...but man that was fun"
Friends: never seen you cry
Best friends: cry with you
Friends: borrow your stuff for a few days then give it Back
Best friends: borrow your stuff so long then forget its yours
Friends: know a few things about you
Best friends: could write a book about you with direct quotes from you
Friends: leave you behind if that's what the crowd is doing
Best friends will kick the hole crowd that left you
Friends: would knock on your door
Best friends: would walk in and shout "IM HOME!"
Friends: will talk meanly to the person that talks meanly to you
Best friends: will knock them out
Friends: will read this
Best friends: will steal and repost this
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1000 story's to tell in the dark
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