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(This account does Smut and Ship)
(Please try and talk to me first before starting a Roleplay, just seems like you want to use me for roleplay if you just ask for roleplay when I don't even know you)
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My name is Kala,
Kala Star Lucifer, I am the princess of Hell and heir to the throne.

My Master:

Good Bitch: @Fuck_Tobirama

Father's Friend: @William_Dave_Afton

Royal pets: @chargebolt0-0

Adopted Children: @AshWuvCuddles

(Admin: My name I won't tell, But I am Pansexual and Poly, And I love making friends, have a nice day)

~Cult Of The Devil's Daughter~

My children: @MiraculousPokeblader , @Strawb3rryt34g1rl

My nephew:

Interesting people: @MsMelodious

Favorite Elf ♡: @Benydr0wn

Hot God:

Definition of hoe: @tsundere_ho

My Bitch: @XxThe_LeviathanxX


Bottom: @BabyDollX-_-23

My butterflies: @Orochimaruisaroach
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