Hello everyone! Yes I am alive. I am not on too often I know but here I am! I would like to enter "I Believe in Magic" into the Wattys2017 awards! I would love for you guys to share and spread the story as much as you guys can to gain a little popularity to it. This would be so meaningful to me! When I can enter it, I will. Thank you guys so much! Keep reading! ❤️xxx ~SLP


@SweetLittlePhangirl GOOD LUCK, I LOVE THAT PHIC


Why do you think shipping real life people is okay. Its pretty gross and disrespectful. I hope that in the time you have not been active you have grown up and are no longer part of the phan community and don't believe in harassing adult men into a relationship. Thanks.


dan and phil have said mutiple times they appreciate fanfiction- they literally have their own fanfictions up on their channels, they don’t care. also the only person you follow literally has ryden one shots which is a ship of real people :| this person is just making fanFICTIONS and never harassed them. if it was harassing them dan and phil wouldn’t say how much they appreciate them. 


I absolutely love your books. Touch inspired me to write a book. I Like Bad Boys was actually the second phanfic I read on Wattpad and it’s still one of my favorites. Your books give me the feels and holy crap ur talented please get a career in writing or something bc you have a true gift